Sunday, August 29, 2010

My first published ad and trade Show

Check out my first ad in this seasons issue of Venus Zine! it's such a wonderful magazine with a treasure trove of interesting music, DIY, art, etsy stores! Let my ad be the excuse you need to get yourself started on this amazing gem. The editor of this magazine is a wonderful woman who I had the pleasure of speaking with directly during the possibility for an internship. I couldn't take it due to some issues with departmental things, but she is a wonderful woman.

If you've been on the shop recently it's looking a bit bare. I am preparing to sell my yarn at my first trade show on the weekend of Friday and Saturday September 9th and 10th. I have about 35 hand dyed skeins and I've designed my first hand written order forms and updated my Thank you cards. I am looking forward to being with other wonderful crafters and sharing a booth with my dad's photography. Come check us out if you're close! Pendleton Heritage Fair. The fair features anything from country cute knick knacks to henna artists, painters, knitters quilters and much much more! I hope to see some of you there!

I am excited to see the response I get for some of my yarn. The economy has been really rough and I admit I haven't been good about making sure I have sales in my etsy shop yet. Finding the right price is a difficult task, but I like to keep it reasonable! The one thing about selling goods in person as versus in an online store, is that you get a sense of hand (feel of the yarn) and the true colors. I am intrigued to hear actual responses as well. Another drawback to etsy is that you don't get to hear peoples comments as they browse your store. I am looking forward to feedback whether it be good or bad I think it might help me increase business!

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