Monday, July 18, 2011

I have decided because of the limited visibility and connection of Blogspot, I am going to be moving this blog to tumblr. Let's just be honest it's cooler.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Super Cute

So I've decided to try something new with the store. I chose a very versatile name when I opened it so it would have room to grow and expand and fortunately the only things I will need to reprint to make everything up to date will be my business cards and my address labels. The unfortunate part is that I totally printed 1000 business cards! :-/ Uh oh.

But check it out! I have a new line of things ranging from traditional stationary, to correspondence cards, hand stamped notebooks, invitations and more! Here are some teasers from the new things I've posted.

I'm learning a lot from my mistakes, such as don't sell your brand new beautiful yarn to someone for a discount, make them want it and pay full price! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November is 10% off month!

For the entire month of November, all of the yarn on my website is 10% off. I wish I could do more, but to be honest I don't really make any money off of my yarn, just enough to cover costs and make more. So my markup is really really low. If I lowered it anymore I'd be losing money. So anyway! Happy Shopping for the Happy Holidays!

Picture from an avid Syrup Threads customer.

A Magic yarn ball made out of the Mermaid Margarita superwash wool! exciting!

Sorry this note is short! thank you for all of you who are supporting me! I would like to see some photos of the projects everyone is making! so send me your photos!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

First trade show?

Let's be honest I have been a bad blogger! The trade show two weeks ago was a blast, it was wonderful to see what everyone had! However, we almost got washed away by all the rain. that said it was fun. But sales were down! only sold 3 skeins of yarn and a card. had lots of people look and take business cards though, and that was encouraging for my first show.

I did, however, get some great feedback from people! My colors were a hit and ironically my target market were the most enthusiastic about the yarns, and the older ladies I encountered liked the yarn but I think weren't too thrilled with the colors. Sold a beautiful skein of Pumpkin spice yarn. Kestrel was really sad to see that one go, she had been coveting it all week.

That said in order to move some stock I had some after purchases made by my lovely sister and my yarn advocate Nevada, seen in a previous post piled in mounds of my yarn! she purchased two of my favorite sock colorways, which never had a chance of hitting the Etsy store.

Grape Slushy Superwash Sock yarn

Plum Pudding Superwash sock yarn.

All in all I ended the weekend with about 50 business cards out, lots of input and learning experiences for my next trade show, 10 skeins of yarn lighter and some money to invest in a better knitty knotty and some of the new dyeable roving on Knit picks! Yum!

My website has new pictures Check out the Crayon cupcake yarn. it's a sportweight superwash, wonderful for a baby set and there are two available. I also figured out that as I've gotten better my time has decreased and so have the prices. Keep your eyes open for my first seasonal sale for the Christmas season! Ugh! I know it's almost that time again!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

My first published ad and trade Show

Check out my first ad in this seasons issue of Venus Zine! it's such a wonderful magazine with a treasure trove of interesting music, DIY, art, etsy stores! Let my ad be the excuse you need to get yourself started on this amazing gem. The editor of this magazine is a wonderful woman who I had the pleasure of speaking with directly during the possibility for an internship. I couldn't take it due to some issues with departmental things, but she is a wonderful woman.

If you've been on the shop recently it's looking a bit bare. I am preparing to sell my yarn at my first trade show on the weekend of Friday and Saturday September 9th and 10th. I have about 35 hand dyed skeins and I've designed my first hand written order forms and updated my Thank you cards. I am looking forward to being with other wonderful crafters and sharing a booth with my dad's photography. Come check us out if you're close! Pendleton Heritage Fair. The fair features anything from country cute knick knacks to henna artists, painters, knitters quilters and much much more! I hope to see some of you there!

I am excited to see the response I get for some of my yarn. The economy has been really rough and I admit I haven't been good about making sure I have sales in my etsy shop yet. Finding the right price is a difficult task, but I like to keep it reasonable! The one thing about selling goods in person as versus in an online store, is that you get a sense of hand (feel of the yarn) and the true colors. I am intrigued to hear actual responses as well. Another drawback to etsy is that you don't get to hear peoples comments as they browse your store. I am looking forward to feedback whether it be good or bad I think it might help me increase business!

Friday, July 30, 2010

For the Love of Yarn

Thanks to my friend Nevada for snuggling up with a heaping helping of my yarn! As I prepare for my first trade show a few things will be happening in the next two months which are firsts and very exciting in the realm of my business. First of all keep an eye out for Venus Zine in the month of August! My first advertisement will be appearing! Exciting! thanks to all of my friends and supporters for helping me get going! I am hoping that the next few months will prove fruitful! Wooo!

Spent the last bit of my money on yarns to dye for the craft fair, I will be taking personalized orders as well as feature an assortment of new colors and yarn weights! If you get a chance come out to the Pendleton Heritage Fair the Weekend of September 9th and 10th! Please do! I will be sharing a booth with my father's photography business. I know photography and yarn don't really blend together but we are going to make it work! come out and support your local artisans! this craft fair features more than just knit and quilt nuts! There is plenty to do and plenty to look at and it's in historic Pendleton so it's pretty and located mostly through the park. So come and say hey!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trademark is finally in!

I finally got my trademark paperwork in! Win!