Friday, July 30, 2010

For the Love of Yarn

Thanks to my friend Nevada for snuggling up with a heaping helping of my yarn! As I prepare for my first trade show a few things will be happening in the next two months which are firsts and very exciting in the realm of my business. First of all keep an eye out for Venus Zine in the month of August! My first advertisement will be appearing! Exciting! thanks to all of my friends and supporters for helping me get going! I am hoping that the next few months will prove fruitful! Wooo!

Spent the last bit of my money on yarns to dye for the craft fair, I will be taking personalized orders as well as feature an assortment of new colors and yarn weights! If you get a chance come out to the Pendleton Heritage Fair the Weekend of September 9th and 10th! Please do! I will be sharing a booth with my father's photography business. I know photography and yarn don't really blend together but we are going to make it work! come out and support your local artisans! this craft fair features more than just knit and quilt nuts! There is plenty to do and plenty to look at and it's in historic Pendleton so it's pretty and located mostly through the park. So come and say hey!

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